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"I own you for the next four years."
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White Collared: "I own you for the next four years."

Welcome to wc_fanworks!

A community dedicated to all fanfiction, fanart, fanvids, and meta based on USA's original television series White Collar.

Community Rules

1. Respect your fellow community members. No flaming, no wank, no trolling, and no ship wars.
2. Use common sense when posting your entries. While works of a sensitive and spoilery nature are permitted, please warn readers of any content of this sort. Guide for posting is as follows:

Media: (Fanfic/Fanart/Fanvid)
Rating: (Going by the American MPAA system... G : general audiences, PG : parental advisory, PG-13 : parents strongly cautioned, R : restricted, NC-17 : adults only.)
Warnings: (Warn of spoilers, the type of adult content, if any, present, etc.)
Summary/Description: (If the work is a fanvid, list the song title and artist here.)

I also ask that you use the community tags.
4. If posting meta, the title and thesis/topic (and tag, obviously) are all that is needed.
5. While errors and typos are to be expected, please proofread your work. Writing your fanfic entirely in netspeak is not something that is encouraged or tolerated here. I expect junior high level grammar and spelling at the very least.
6. No RPF, please. This comm is for works based on the characters of White Collar only, not the actors who play them.
7. Community promotions are permitted for affiliates only.
8. For the sake of neatness and friends' lists, please place all large images behind a cut.

Please note that the above rules are mainly based on an honor system. I can't guarantee I'll be forever present to watch over this comm, or even mostly present. Life is life, after all, and while my schedule's mostly clear at the moment and my interest is strong currently, I can't promise that this will forever be the case. If I feel that I'm neglecting this comm I'll seek out a co-mod or a replacement. Mostly, I'm going to trust that we're all adults here and can behave as such.




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